Realistic body paint, more brands now offering.

WM Dolls and YL Doll are the latest manufacturers in our catalog to offer the possibility of adding veins, freckles and spots to increase the realism of their TPE dolls. The realistic body paint is a fee paying option, here introduced:

Pros and cons

Though not of everyone taste, these additions undeniably add realism to the looks of the dolls. Price of this option is affordable too. However it will not last forever. The paint used is semi-permanent, meaning that if you often wash your doll, or apply mineral oils, vaseline or makeup removers on the body, the paint will gradually disappear.

The paint will have a much longer duration on silicone dolls. Here’s an example of realistic body paint on a Piper Doll 130cm silicone. This is a default feature, included in the price of the doll, and according to Piper Doll will last a long long time..

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