How to choose

Why buy a realistic sexdoll?

We know at least 8 reasons. See them here.


How to choose my love doll?

To start, you can check our article How to choose your realistic lovedoll.


Silicone or TPE?

All you need to know in the article Difference between TPE and Silicone dolls.


Do you provide custom bodies and/or faces?

Sorry we don’t. The bodies and the faces available in our shop can’t be modified. While the manufacturing of custom bodies/faces is technically possible, due to the high costs and the lengthy production time involved we prefer not to offer them to our customers.


Fixed or removable vagina?

Most of our our dolls above 100cm offer the choice of either an integrated or an insert vagina. Some of our customers find that the integrated vagina is more visually realistic. Such difference however is marked only if the doll is kept with her legs wide open; little or no difference is found if the doll is kept with her legs closed.

Most of our customers choose the insert vagina, easier to clean. Below you can see a WM Dolls standard insert:

You can check how to insert a removable vagina in this video.

As for the quality of the sexual experience, in general both vaginas satisfy our customers. However a few clients who have tried both vaginas think that the integrated vagina is ultimately more comfortable.

The two photos below (from our Spanish website) show on the left a 108cm with fixed vagina and on the right the same doll with removable vagina. Please note that dolls up to 110cm with insert vagina often don’t have anal orifice.




What type of breasts?

Most brands of TPE/silicone dolls offer the choice of hollow or solid breasts. More and more brands now also offer breasts with gel implants.

From a technical point of view, hollow breasts feature a core of polyurethane foam, while solid breasts are made entirely of TPE or silicone depending on the material used to make the body.

From a tactile point of view, hollow breasts are softer, solid are harder. Breasts with gel implants, when available, are very jiggly and elastic.

The following video shows hollow breasts. Small to medium hollow breasts are generally very soft. Large breasts are slightly less soft as they must still have a thicker layer of TPE/silicone to support the weight.

You may not find all breast option available when customizing your doll. Small breasts are often available only as ‘solid’, as there’s room for neither foam nor gel core. Very large breasts may often be available only as ‘hollow’, as they’d otherwise be too heavy.


With or without standing foot option?

Most dolls in our catalog offer now the option ‘standing foot’. The modification consists in the reinforcement of the foot skeleton and the insertion of three studs to ensure stability. The doll can stand on her own, barefoot or wearing flat shoes. High-heel shoes are not recommended.

PROS of the standing foot option:

  • Very realistic looks when standing
  • Photo opportunities
  • Easier to dress

CONS of this option:

  • Reduced range of foot movement. The foot can slightly move downwards but can’t move upwards or side to side.
  • The studs can cause inconvenience when using the doll.
  • Balancing the doll can require time and patience. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t succeed at the first attempt.
  • The standing possibility may not last forever. As time goes by, the joints of your doll will get looser, making more difficult for the doll to stand.


Some brands now offer for their silicone dolls the ‘hard feet’ option. Here the feet are coated with a harder layer of silicone that allows the doll to safely stand without the need for implanted bolts. This very convenient feature comes though with two warnings: first, the extra layer of silicone results in a visible seam-line just above the foot. Here some manufacturers are better than others to make this seamline as little visible as possible. Second, manufacturers often advise that the ‘hard feet’ is meant for time-limited standing, that is if you mean to keep your doll always upright the traditional option with bolts is to be preferred.