Breathing feature, now available on some WM Dolls / YL Doll

A new realism enhancement is now available on 150cm+ WM Dolls / YL Doll with large breasts: breathing.

The video below shows how the breathing simulation works. A device inserted into the chest during production allows the chest to rise and fall:

Simulated breathing is currently available as a fee-paying option (price is EUR600). If you’d like to add this option to your order please get in touch.

Here an updated presentation video (July 2022) and more technical info:

  • charging time 3 hours approx.
  • fully charged lasts 4 hours approx.
  • available on doll 150cm+ with breast cup at least C. Also available on WM Dolls torsos 82cm P-cup and 87cm M-cup with arms
  • not compatible with the EVO skeleton (so no shrug shoulders if you add the breathing feature)
  • weight increase due to this feature: 600g approx.

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