Feedback collected from third party Yotpo
Selection of feedback received direct from customers (below):
Daniel, London, UK
I could not believe how soft she was very good had to trim down her bangs because they kept getting in the way of her eyes, I couple small issues like the wig don’t stay on properly keeps falling off but I fixed that with some stitching in the wig for a more secure fit then found out the clothes that came with the doll was too big like they would fall down big lucky for me though I have experience with dolls and bought some for her anyway so that wasn’t a problem either just putting it out there for you all reading this that don’t have any experience to be prepared for those kind of things other than that yes I do recommend buying this doll as she is definitely one of the best 100cm dolls out there, in my opinion she’s the best. Very happy thank you.
Daniel, London, UK / — has bought a Piper Doll 100cm. June 2020
Picture sent by Daniel
Jason, London, UK
Third time buying from Silver Dolls. Every time has been a pleasure. The service is excellent. Trouble free door to door delivery. I cannot emphasise how good a service Roberto provides. Silver Dolls have never let me down and all the dolls I have bought are excellent quality (WM Dolls clearly the best)
Jason, London, UK / — has bought a WM Dolls 140cm. December 2019
Corey, California, US
She's an excellent doll, very lightweight, easy to move around. She loves having her picture taken. But most of all she can't wait till I get home.
Corey, California, US / — has bought a Piper Doll 140cm . September 2019
Joshua, Indiana, US
This doll is amazing, though very heavy. I now see why everyone gets the 4ft, much lighter and probably easier to put away. The doll is detailed and looks good with the light tan.
Joshua, Indiana, US / — has bought a Piper Doll 150cm . September 2019
A, Indiana
Happily, she came out of the box in pristine condition. I could not find any flaw whatsoever, for which I breathed a huge sigh of relief, given the horror stories I've read recently about others who whose dolls were not nearly as fortunate in their crossings of the Pacific. She was well-packed, and covered by the expected cozy, plush towel. The package also contained a "Gift" bag, which included the expected items, such as an irrigator, white gloves, comb, and a set of bolts and hook for hanging. The free clothing was a cute, pink, shorty nightie. The wig was really of much better quality than I had expected, so I was quite happy with the entire package. The only negative was a strong smell of TPE. One bathing did not do much to dispel it, so it looks like it will take a few more tries to finish the job. Since my first doll, Nanako, was an inexpensive Amazon UUDoll, I was anxious to see the differences between it and a more expensive model. I should point out that Nanako was (IMHO) really very well crafted visually. There were some small details in her that even my new WM doll does not possess. That said, her skeletal structure was an absolute mess. It was dreadfully stiff, and some of the joints have given me fits - especially the left hip, which is just about useless after only 5 months. Thus, I am pleased to see the WM skeleton is not only much more fluid in its movements, but is also capable of an entire new set of range of motion. Speaking of which, I do wish it would have come with a range of motion chart, manual, or some similar printed material. It would have taken much of the guesswork out of the entire orientation process. I do want to thank Roberto at Silver Doll for his help in setting up this sale. His experience was a big help in guiding me through the entire process. Highly recommended!
A, Indiana / — has bought a WM Doll 165 cm . April 2019
Picture sent by A. (WM Dolls 165cm on the left)
Andreas, Germany,
The doll is very perfect down to the last detail, and like as shown in the pictures. Really good material quality, feels almost like reall. The weight should not be underestimated, but it is well invested. Uncomplicated delivery and good Service. I will buy here again.
Andreas, Germany, / — has bought a YL Doll 158 male doll . April 2019
Sandra, Germany,
thanks for the beautiful doll. he has been delivered very well packed. I am so happy now. The email contact with Roberto was always helpful and his answers very fast. thank you very much best regards sandra, from germany
Sandra, Germany, / — has bought a WM Doll 175cm male doll . March 2019
Kenneth, GA
Okay, well, following some trouble with the head (the pin had broken off from the base of the skull the day after receiving the doll), I immediately contacted Roberto. Sanhui/Sange seemed reluctant to replace the head at first, even though the photos I sent displayed an obvious defect. However, Roberto and the guys at Silverdoll stepped in and saved the day. My replacement head arrived today, and it is even more lovely than the first. I’m a very pleased customer. Thank you to Roberto and the Silvedoll team. I look forward to growing my collection through you guys. Abigail is beautiful!
Kenneth, GA / — has bought a Sange 165cm . October 2018
Eric, PA
I never thought that I would be a buyer for this kind of item. After so many years of hearing about these and seeing more and more stories about them, my curiosity finally got the best of me. The product is built very well and is more realistic than I thought, even though the scale is very petite. For me this was a bonus as that is what I prefer! Roberto was very helpful and whenever I have had any question he got back to me promptly. I would highly recommend both The Silver Doll and this product to anyone in the market for a fun toy!
Eric, PA / — has bought a WM Dolls 157cm B-cup. December 2017
Photo sent by Eric
Joe, VA
I've had my JY Doll 163cm from The Silver Doll for two weeks now and I couldn't be happier. Roberto was very helpful and responsive during the whole process. Their website is superb and made shopping, comparing and ordering her fun and easy. When sehe arrived, she was perfect! Not a flaw on her and everything was consistent with my custom order. It is great to know a vendor I can trust when I purchase my next doll. Thanks!
Joe, VA / — has bought a JY Doll 163cm. October 2017
E., Australia
 The doll has arrived and she looks great. Great body,beautiful face. Only a couple of minor flaws. Perfect except for one thing,I have difficulty moving her ,she's a lot heavier than I expected, and I can bearly lift her, otherwise very happy.
E., Australia / — has bought a Z-Onedoll 162cm. May 2017
Photo sent by E.

H. Salido, CA

I ordered it on 2-26-17, then 12 days later it’s here on 3-9-17. I didn’t know it was this fast. The box was beaten up a lot but the doll was not damage. The doll however was little bent out of shape. It was FedEx fault for laying the package face down. There was markings on the box letting you know which way is up but FedEx people still didn’t follow it. SO her left breast was out of shape, now I have to go to Walmart and buy her a bra. Other than that, shes perfect. Her portions are just right, not over/under sized. Be aware she weighs almost like a real woman, at 95lb she is heavy. You well need to buy a wheeled stool to move her around and for cleaning.
H. Salido, CA / — has bought a Dollhouse168 161cm. March 2017
John, England, from
i have just received my ultra light doll on the 28 4 17 the head is amazing. The body good as she is constructed from foam.only one big draw back is the limbs where they connect to the main torso there is a big gap. Personally l think the price of this doll is a bit expensive .l wish I had bought her when she was about 700us dollars. But im reasonably happy with her.
John, England, from / — has bought a EXDOLLs 163cm EX-Lite. April 2017
Brian, CO
In my opinion one of the most attractive dolls. Review gets a star deducted for skin issues; head and body came in different tones with the head being white and the body being "natural" tone as ordered. There is a patch of "craters" below the back of the neck almost looking like acne scars. Doll came delivered with no major damage. The heating function works but something needs to be done to help prevent TPE from getting caught inside the power plug located below the neck which will prevent a good electrical connection; maybe a collar ring? I had to pull out a few pieces with a toothpick. Ordered the standing model and the doll can hold a standing pose no problem. Wrists are floppy and the hands fall at certain ranges of motion. A good job was done to hide the casting mold line as seen in many other dolls. Overall Pleased! I might even order another or at least another beautiful head.
Brian, CO / — has bought a Victoria Sex Doll 165cm. March 2017
Derrick, CA
Best investment in my life! Very smooth process. She came very quick! Great company to do business with. Thank you!
Derrick, CA / — has bought a ORDoll 108cm. September 2016
Patrick, NY

Excellent product, excellent service, excellent delivery. What else need be said ?

Patrick, NY / — has bought a ORDoll 156cm. July 2016
John, TX
She has arrived and is in overall good condition. There are a couple of flaws I wonder if you can assist with. One is a hole in her right foot (picture attached) and the other is the seams running down her arms, body and legs where the mold was joined (another picture). Can the hole be filled?  And, if so, what with. Can the seams be carefully trimmed, and, if so, how? Action and reply for John: as the hole in the foot is very small, a bottle of silicone filling has been sent to him. As for the seams, Z-Onedoll is adamant that they shouldn't be considered as a defect. It's customary for all silicone dolls, even the most expensive on the market, to have seams that can be seen and to a small extent felt when handling the doll.
John, TX / — has bought a Z-Onedoll 150cm. July 2016
Jack, TX
Roberto, my girl, Amanda, is here in her new home. TPE is beyond a doubt the best material to fabricate a doll. She is all I had hoped for. And more. I will never have a need to consider any other creator of dolls other than your studio. Most admirable in the tactile feel that is definitely more human than human. The makeup was excellent as depicted in the doll's representation on your catalog's presentation. There was a small coloration transferred to her chin from her lips possibly from the ruff treatment by the shipper. The carton was in jeopardy and had been opened and reopened by the appearance of the condition on the container. A better means of securing the compartment for her temporary internment is necessary for my future purchases from you. All in all the experience will meet my expectations and I will look forward to what may come from your services. Jack
Advice given to Jack: Small color transfers can be removed using the stain remover included in your package. How to use the TPE stain remover.
Jack, TX / — has bought a Climax Doll 160cm chubby. January 2017
Richard, NJ
My product was delivered in very good condition. I am impressed with Doll Sweet's creation of the EX-Lite.
Although I have some mixed feelings, this is far superior to the PVC Silicone version that 1st PC in the U.S. produces, and which I had a very bad experience with. Thank you for your excellent service. I'm sorry to say I've had some damage to the hands and one elbow, but that is more my fault with impatience and not having full understanding of the care taking. I am sure that in the near future the foam-based models will be greatly improved. I think it is the practical trend. Thanks again
Richard, NJ / — has bought a EXDOLLs 163cm EX-Lite. May 2017
Chad, KS
I was concerned this was a scam site but my doll arrived today and is exactly as pictured. Shes beautiful. The detail of the face and the eyes are amazing. She was packaged with great care and the box didnt say silverdoll anywhere. Shes a little heavier than I thought shed be and her joints are a little stiff but otherwise shes awesome.
Chad, KS / — has bought a Sanhui 118cm. June 2017
Louis, England, from
The doll arrived yesterday and is in excellent shape. One of her toes is slightly bent and there are a few very minor skin imperfections, but otherwise I'm very happy.
Louis, England, from / — has bought a Hitdoll 108cm. September 2017
John, England
I got to say I was not sure about thesilverdoll website but roberto did all he could to show me they were authentic, so I trusted his word and bought this model with natasha head. I recived the package this morning in a plain box and to my delight she was perfectly sexy like picture above, It also had a dollhouse 168 instruction manual in the box plus wig, pikini and hanging hooks, Thank you very much Roberto!
John, England / — has bought a DollHouse168 EVO 156cm. July 2018
Al, Canada
I placed my order for the doll of my dreams on November 1st 2017, she arrived at my door 23 days later(as promised). For me The Silver Doll has the best prices, sexiest dolls, and fastest delivery. So fast that the shipping box was pretty torn and banged up when i got it, but nothing was damaged or missing on the inside. This site offers a lot options and dolls to choose from. The likeness to the real thing is amazing. These girls are literally works of art and every guy should own one. I have had mine for a week. Expect to get a good work out from her though. Once you adjust to her weight, joint movements, picking her up and giving her baths, buying her clothes and jewelry, and dressing her up in all kinds of sexy clothes, she begins to love you and the sex starts to get better. Sound familiar? Roberto was great to communicate with. He responded to all my questions within hours. He made it easy to order. It’s tough to trust just any online site. The Silver Doll delivered the sexy goods on time. She far exceeded my expectations.
Al, Canada / — has bought a JY Doll 162cm. December 2017
Vincent, NY
Anyone that is an admirer of beauty should seriously consider Piper 150. The seamless neck. The beautiful face. The perfect azz. Money well spent and worth every penny!
Vincent, NY / — has bought a Doll Forever Piper Doll Doll 150cm. May 2018
Glenn, FL
This is my first doll, and I LOVE her. She's tiny and cute but her tits are huge and fun to play with. The gloss lips crack and chip easily but other than that. SUUUPER tight.
Glenn, FL / — has bought a Doll Forever Piper Doll 100cm. November 2017
Damien, FL
The doll is absolutely amazing with details that makes him to tally realistic.Will see now durability of material and performance in the future days. That said I will like to specially thanks Roberto for the absolutely amazing service and responds to all the process. He is devoted to make you feel special and answer so quickly to any issues that is almost unbelievable. Thanks again.
Damien, FL / — has bought a WM Dolls 175cm male doll. October 2018
Jere, IN
The Silver Doll is the real deal! I knew they was. I expected to get my Doll within 35 days, I got it in two weeks. Roberto is professional and very responsive. My only issue was the crap lingerie that came with it but that is small potatoes.
Jere, IN / — has bought a SM Doll 170cm E-cup. August 2018
Feedback from our Spanish customers (from our e-shop, translated in English)
Natasha's arrived. She's perfect for me however there're two small issues: two screws are missing from the head, and there's a small mark, almost invisible, under the breasts. There're no maintenance accessories in the package. Reply for Francisco: Actually there're no screws missing. That's how the head is made and it's fully functioning that way. Stain removers and TPE glue can be shipped for a small fee.
Francisco / — has bought a DollHouse168 EVO Natasha 170cm , April 2018
Today Evelynn arrived, my JY 153cm. Arrived in perfect conditions, we're very happy about that. Joints are stiff but I guess they will loosen up over time, no? To store it, is it better standing? Or I need to put her against something? Reply for Francisco: Yes the joints are a bit stiff at the beginning however they will loosen up as you use your doll. Best way to store the doll is to lay her down in the original carton-board box or a similar box.
Francisco. / — has bought a JY Doll 153cm, December 2017
Anonymous customer.
The doll has arrived in perfect conditions. It took quite a while but in the end it was worth it. The doll is exactly as I imagined, and a wig and two removable vaginas were provided free. Thanks to EXDOLLs and La Muñeca de Plata for the excellent service.
Anonymous customer. / — has bought a EXDOLLs 145cm, July 2017
Picture sent by Anonymous customer
More pictures of this doll in the blog:
Happy to have chosen the 160cm, the body is a masterpiece and so it's the TPE skin. As a negative point the right buttock has some compression damage, the left one doesn't have any so they look a bit different. I think it must have been the way Fedex has handles the box.
Carlos / — has bought a YL Doll 160cm, May 2017
Photo sent by Carlos
Reply for Carlos: Compression damage will go by itself in a few weeks. You may try to speed up the process by giving your doll a warm bath and / or a massage to the compressed buttock.
Anonymous customer
I received my doll today, just 16 days after placing my order. She's perfect. Your service is amazing, thanks!
Anonymous customer / — has bought a Dollhouse168 128cm+, April 2017
All in all is good, however it's difficult to handle for its weight and the skin is not as soft as expected
Carlos / — has bought a WM Doll 170cm, March 2017
Just perfect, orifices very tight but penetration is great. Perfect weight, excellent choice.
Roberto / — has bought a WM Doll 100cm, December 2016
It's heavy but everything else is fine.
Ruben / — has bought a 6YEDoll 132cm, September 2016
The packaging was slightly damaged, however the doll was in perfect conditions. So far the product seems excellent, ans so has been customer service.
Jesus / — has bought a 6YEDoll 165cm, August 2016
Great finishing, real-like tactile experience, she seems a real person.
Fernando / — has bought a Maiden Doll 158cm, August 2016
It's a beautiful doll and I'm very happy about it however it's much heavier than I thought. I believed I could handle easily 30kg but actually it's rather inconvenient to move around. My next doll will be a smaller one..
Francisco / — has bought a Sanhui 160cm, July 2016
It's well crafted. I've nothing to complain about.
Álvaro / — has bought an ORDoll 108cm, June 2016
Positive: The breasts and the buttocks are just perfect. Very realistic, like those of a fit woman. The skeleton allows almost the same range of movements as a real body, however it's rather stiff. The sexual orifices have a very realistic feel inside, the wig is well fixed to the head. I loved the clothes that arrived with the doll. Many thanks Muñeca de Plata.
Negative: the fingers don't have skeleton, they're too soft, take weird postures and are easy to deform. The point of union of the head and the neck is not very realistic. She weighs too much, it's hard to lift and handle.
Overall: Overall she's great. I use her a lot, she's an excellent sexual partner. However sex with her would be much better if her orifices could be heated. For me it's way too cold in there..
Our reply to Pablo: To heat up the orifices, you may use the USB heating rod included in the package.
Pablo / — has bought a WM Dolls 140cm A-cup, April 2016
The doll is beautiful although she's losing quite some hair. The eyelashes are about to come off and I'm in touch with the vendor about this. She's got a great butt, one really want to do something with it. There's a kind of wrinkle in one foot that is not very realistic. I'm in love with her gorgeous face but I'm not having sex because her orifices are too tight for me. Our reply to Francisco: We're shipping the TPE glue so you can fix the eyelashes. The doll's cavities are meant to be used sexually, and therefore should suit, if not all, the great majority of sizes. Make sure there's enough lubrication when you use it sexually.
Francisco / — has bought a 6YEDoll 100cm, September 2016
A picture sent by Francisco
Good evening Roberto, the doll is 'super real', we like her very much. Many thanks.
Francisca / — has bought a Climax Doll 165cm, December 2016
Selection of reviews  from our Italian customers (from our e-shop, translated in English). Full list (in italian):
I already own a TPE 6YEDoll and this one is less soft than that one, however I find the breasts of the Sinodoll amazingly soft. It took me two hours to warm her up so I suggest you watch a movie while doing that (!) Pity you can't warm up the whole body, such a beautiful doll would deserve a more sophisticated heating system. I hope Sinodoll can upgrade the heating system in the future as this doll is otherwise amazing, a true piece of art. Actual weight is 35kg.
Gabriele / — has bought a Sinodoll 163cm. March 2019
The doll is beautiful and very heavy (weight was clearly indicated anyway)
W. / — has bought a WM Dolls 170cm H-cup Nicoline. July 2017
Amazing sextoy and pop art at the same time. Thanks Climax Doll, thanks Roberto. 100% happy!
Giuseppe / — has bought a Climax Doll 100cm Plus. April 2018
Today Lyla has joined the gang. What can I say, WM Dolls is synonym for quality. Hands and feet are so realistic they seem real. The doll is identical to the pictures in the website, actually live is even better. Thanks to La Bambola d'Argento for the excellent customer service.
Marco / — has bought a WM Dolls 155cm. June 2017
Marco's little harem (Lyla is the second from left)
My doll arrived today, well packaged. I'd like to thank both the website's employees, who have been very helpful and the company WM Dolls which looked after my order very well. The doll is exactly as in the pictures, very detailed in the finishing touches of hands, feet. The only small criticism goes to the fingernails, which came off too easily due to lack of glue. A great thanks to La Bambola d'Argento!
Marco / — has bought a WM Dolls 160cm. February 2017
Good morning Roberto, my 'lady' has arrived, everything's ok. I didn't the USB heater in the package. Is it offered just by some manufacturers? Thanks for the great product! Our answer for I.: Not all manufacturers include the heating stick. I'm sending you an Amazon link to buy one at the best price.
I. / — has bought a Dollhouse168 161cm. December 2016
Pictures sent by I.
What can I say...she's wonderful! A true piece of art. Beautiful, feminine, with sweet and delicate facial features. A mix of sensuality and sophistication. Easy to handle and all to cuddle. The face is incredibly realistic, the breasts firm and small the way I like. A dream mini lovedoll, soft and velvety to the touch. Thanks again to Roberto for his seriousness and competence, and to this wonderful e-shop.
Paolo / — has bought a Hitdoll 108cm. December 2016
A picture sent by Paolo
Clara's perfect, much more pleasant than I expected. Very realistic to the touch. She's heavy but I manage to carry her around. A great buy.
Matteo / — has bought a Sanhui 165cm Clara. June 2016
The doll's arrived, she's beautiful, a bit heavy but it doesn't matter. The wigs are not as expected: I received two identical wigs.
Maurizio / — has bought a Z-Onedoll 145cm. November 2016
Excellent service Wonderful doll Many thanks
Eleno / — has bought a Dollhouse168 161cm. November 2016
The doll has arrived, it's perfect, beautiful, a little heavy.
Sandro / — has bought a WM Dolls 140cm A-cup. October 2016
I pick up and taken the doll home. I assembled the head and put on the wig, she's gorgeous, I's already falling in love! Thanks Roberto, it's a great product and you all are very professional. There're some products in the package, what are they? Reply for Luca: You'll find a vaginal irrigator, a USB heater for the orifices, stain remover and two small blocks of TPE for repairs.
Luca / — has bought a Dollhouse168 161cm. October 2016
The doll has arrived. She's in great conditions, everything is fine :)))
Riccardo / — has bought a JM Doll 80cm. September 2016

Dear Roberto, the doll has arrived just now. She's perfect, everything's OK. Thanks for the speedy delivery and the great customer support.

Vittorio / — has bought a YL Doll 148cm. September 2016
I wasn't expecting such a degree of realism. She's so real, if only she could speak..The lips are very soft, it feels like kissing a real woman, her eyes so vivid. It's hard to describe the beauty and the experience, visual and tactile, that this doll can provide. I love to cuddle her and give her all my attention. Thanks to Roberto and this wonderful website!
Paolo / — has bought a WM Dolls 100cm Mina. June 2016
A picture sent by Paolo
Another picture sent by Paolo
What can I say...she's incredible. I would have never expected such a degree of realism. August 2016 update: She's still great, the product is of excellent quality, the only flaw the eyebrows, which tend to discolor over time.
Marco / — has bought a busto ORDoll 91cm. February 2016
She's exactly how I expected her. Well made. The only thing..the hair sticks to the body. I wish I'd bought one with shorter hair. Everything else is OK.
Our reply for Giovanni: After you wash her, apply some Maizena/ baby powder. The skin will become smooth and the hair should stick much less.
Giovanni / — has bought a JM Doll 80cm Tintalle. April 2016
The doll has arrived, 20 days from the order. Good overall condition, like in the pictures. Thanks for everything.
Luca / — has bought a Hitdoll 125cm. March 2016
This doll is perfect in each every detail! Great packaging, quick delivery. Thanks to Roberto for all the advice.
Alessandra / — ha acquistato una Hitdoll 110cm Kitty. Febbraio 2016
Doll's perfect, same as in the pictures. Customer service replies fast. Thanks Roberto.
Marco / — has bought a Wm Dolls 100cm Yoko. April 2016