Weight reduction: what to know about it

What is it?

Weight Reduction (also known as WR) is a way of manufacturing TPE/silicone realistic dolls which achieves on average a 20% reduction in the overall weight of the doll.

Who does it? (update January 2023)

Starpery and SM Doll manufacture dolls with this new technology (Starpery both TPE and silicone dolls, SM Doll only silicone dolls). For Starpery this is the default feature, that is the weight you see in the product page is already for the weight reduced version.

WM Dolls makes WR available on three bodies (163CM H cup: 33.5KG, 168CM E cup: 30KG, 173CM H cup: 35KG. Extra fee applies)

Piper Doll, Zelex dolls are by default made in the WR version.

How is the reduction achieved?

Manufacturers understandably aren’t willing to give away too much detail.

Starpery advises that “We use a special foam core with the skeleton to replace some material [TPE/silicone] and achieve the weight reduction. It doesn’t have some disadvantages, [the doll is] just a little less soft than the regular full weight one”

SM Doll won’t explain at the moment how they change the manufacturing process, however “we [they] can promise that the weight loss will not affect the quality and softness of the doll, even better than the original, more realistic”. To support this claim SM Doll provides softness video tests that compare a 156cm A-cup with and without Weight Reduction:

with Weight Reduction (28.5 kg):

Regular weight (35.5 kg):

Apart from weight, any differences between WR and non-WR dolls?

No. WR dolls keep the same movement range, posing possibilities and sexual performance as the ‘regular weight’ dolls.

Customer feedback?

Very few weight-reduction dolls have been delivered until now. Here’s an extract from an owner’s feedback on a doll forum:

“As far as my experience with the Starpery doll – it might give you a softer feel in some places when applying pressure, as the silicone is reduced and replaced with more of a foam core. In other places it seems to be harder (such as crotch joint area). 
I would get WR if you think you would benefit from the 8-10 lb reduction (which can be significant on a 60-80lb doll)”

So is it worth it? Can the customer choose?

As the industry moves towards the ‘weight reduced’ body it might get more and more difficult for the customer to be able to choose between WR and non-WR dolls. Brands like Piper Doll for example make their dolls exclusively in the WR version. When the customer can still make a choice, our advice is for customers to ask themselves how important is the weight reduction for them and how far they’re willing to possibly compromise on the loss of softness in some areas. If the weight reduction is very important it makes sense to go for the WR. If instead the weight is no crucial matter it might be reasonable to stick to the regular-weight dolls.

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