Outfits available for small dolls

Dressing up your doll can be one of the great pleasures of doll ownership. This is relatively straightforward on real-size dolls: one may simply use regular clothing for real women, although adjustments might sometimes be necessary to fit the doll’s not-always-so-realistic body measurements.

It’s different though for minidolls, as it’s very hard to find adult/child clothing that fits and looks good on them. Now a few brands from our catalog offer exciting clothing for their small dolls (Elsa Babe actually offers clothing for big dolls as well):

Irokebijin on its 80 and 90 cm dolls

JM Dolls on its dolls from 65 to 105cm

Elsa Babe on its 102cm doll

Please note:

  • outfits are a fee-paying add-on
  • more than one outfit can be purchased at the same time
  • the price advertised is for the outfit to be shipped with the doll. Clothing can be purchased separately, with additional shipping fees


Below you can see a few examples of the current availability:

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