Step by step, towards the ‘robot doll’.

Although it’s an individual rather than concerted effort, Chinese realistic doll makers are continuosly introducing enhancements that adds to ‘motor’ and ‘sound’ realism as well as aesthetic.

Motor realism 

We’ve seen in a previous entry as WM Dolls recently launched a breathing feature.

Some time ago EL Doll made it available the moving hip technology, allowing the pelvis area of the doll to gently and sensually sway:

As shown in the picture below, the start/stop button and the charging port are on the body side, next to the right breast. To get the doll move, the user simply plugs the cable (included) into the wall power outlet, so as to charge the internal batteries. EL Doll moving technology is available on almost all EL Doll bodies, priced at USD400. This option increases the doll’s weight by 4kg approx.


More recently AF Doll launched the ‘vagina suction’ feature.

This USD90 add-on is also operated through a charging power cable. The doll will have a hole in the back as shown in the pictures below.

Last entry so far in our catalog is SEDoll ‘sexbot’ option. Here‘s a presentation video.

Sound realism

WM Dolls has been offering for quite some time an affordable yet solid sound system. This is basically made of two sub-features:

the ‘conversation’:

and the ‘sexy moaning’:

Sinodoll has also its own version of teh ‘sexy moaning‘, although the demo we received doesn’t perhaps live up to the upmarket quality of this brand.


Do not expect the ‘total’ robot doll to come by any soon. The industry is quite not ready for that. Be ready for gradual, incremental changes and additions. In general when a new robotic feature is launched by a manufacturer many other doll makers follow soon, especially if the feature proves popular. So if the doll/brand you’re interested in seems not to offer a specific feature feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to enquire whether that feature is actually available or when it will be rolled out.

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