Breast gel implants now available!

An increasing number of brands in our catalog now offer breast gel implants (currently available only on dolls with breast cup B, C, D, E, more sizes are being made available). With these implants your doll’s boobs will be softer and more elastic, with minimal weight increase. Gel implants are a fee-paying optional (average price €90).

How to add gel implants to your order. For some brands (Piper Doll, Doll Forever, DH168, Sange) you can find them in the customization options. For other brands (WM Dolls, YL Doll, SEDoll, Irontech) please leave a note in the order or contact us before concluding your order. We will check that your chosen doll is one of those that can accommodate this addition. If the addition is possible we will send you a Paypal invoice.

Breast gel implants demo video on a doll with average breasts:

Breast gel implants demo on a doll with larger breasts:

Demo on a YL Doll 166cm:

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