Why buy a silicone realistic sexdoll?

There are many reasons for buying a silicone real doll, perhaps more than one might think. At The Silver Doll we know at least eight reasons, and want to share them with you.

 1. For sex.

Sora, born to make love.

An obvious and popular reason. Realistic love dolls are excellent sexual companions for:

  • singletons
  • men in a relationship who are away from home for long periods, for example due to work.
  • men whose partner is not sexually active, for example due to disability.

A quality sex doll is an ideal companion for experimenting all sexual fantasies, and requires neither emotional connection nor negotiations over the timings and the modes of sex. Like Sora.

2. As a life companion.

Linda, a seductive companion

Any man, whether single or not, enjoys the company of an attractive woman. A life-size realistic doll is a realistic physical presence and can also become a spiritual one, with whom a degree of interaction is achievable.

A lovedoll can acquire her own personality, shaped according to the tastes, the imagination and the inner world of her companion. Like Linda.


3. As a ‘dream woman’.

Lyla, as beautiful as a goddess

Men love the looks of women. If your ideal woman doesn’t exist in your real world you can create her as a love doll.

Realistic dolls are today available in countless body and face designs. And thanks to the multiple options of personalisation, the dream of building your dream woman is achievable. Enjoy clothing her, making her up, taking pictures of her anytime you wish. A dream like Lyla.


4. For their realism.

Love dolls exist in a wide range of materials yet no material can compete with TPE/silicone in terms of realism. Such extraordinary all-round realism can be found in the tactile, visual and sexual experience.

Seen them up close they look like real women, and if you touch them their skin is smooth, elastic yet firm. Their orifices have been designed replicating real ones, and their breasts bounce as if the’re those of a young woman.


An extraordinary demonstration of realism from Venus.

5. To fulfill an unconventional fantasy.

Make to love to a gorgeous elf? To a sleeping beauty? To a heroine of a Japanese manga cartoon? Fantasies that can be fulfilled today thanks to the realistic love dolls.

Magnificent female elves, inspired by the ‘fantasy’ universe, are today available for the many who are attracted by them. Like Shael.

Sweet, sexy love doll with eyes always closed can be yours for sex or night company. Like Morphee.

Mini Lovedoll Manga style, colorful and big-breasted, for erotic experiences that are both unexplored and mind blowing. Like Megumi.

Shael, delightful elfe
Morphee’s provocative sleep
Sanhui 92cm Muñeca de Silicona Manga Anime para Adultos Sexdoll España
Megumi’s big eyes

6. To spice up the couple’s sexual life.

A female or male love doll can put pep into the sexual life of those couples experiencing low sexual desire. The lovedoll offers the chance to try a threesome, or simply to test new positions and love games before trying them with the partner. It will be a ‘ménage à trois’ without jealousy or sentimental complications.

7. To keep sexually active.

Sexual activity requires a degree of endurance and stamina. A sex doll will keep you exercised if and when a real partner isn’t there.

8. Safe sex, without condom.

With a sex doll you can make love without risks of transmission of sexual diseases. Lubrication is recommended, however a condom isn’t necessary. *Your love doll sexual parts should be cleaned with antibacterial soap after use.

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